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18 January 2010 @ 08:16 am
Thank you to everyone who took part in Round 1.

You are now welcome to repost your work wherever you wish to.

We would ask one boon of you if you would be so kind, and that is to link back to the archive to point to the other wonderful fic and art that fellow authors and artists created. This is, of course, not compulsory, but we would very much appreciate it :). Thank you.

We still have two fics without illustrations, please could the artists contact me if they are intending to submit, since we can still put them in the archive.

German Music Big Bang Archive
21 December 2009 @ 10:14 am
Thank you to everyone who took part in round 1 of the fest.

Now we have three stories without art, one of which should be rectified soon :)

However, that leave two fics without art and that seems like such a shame, especially since one was a section 3 fic. So I come to you, dear members to ask if there is anyone willing to do pinch hit art for these two fics?

Or so you know anyone else who might be willing?

The two fic without art are:
Espionage by Subtlemagic
I Will Be by knw

If you are willing to help out, please comment here. Thanks ever so much for considering it.
18 December 2009 @ 06:04 pm
We are proud to announce that the
German Music Big Bang Archive

is live :)

Thank you to all the authors and artists who have submitted their work to this round of the fest.

To read the NC17 fic you will need to create yourself an account, but this is very easy and is explained on the archive itself.

Please consider leaving feedback for all the artists and authors who have worked really hard to bring you their creations. All artists and authors have their own accounts on the archive and will be able to see any reviews you leave there.

You are also welcome to talk about the fest in comments to this post if you would like to.

Also, please consider pimping the fest. This code links to the archive.
14 December 2009 @ 02:03 pm
Just to make it clear, the deadline is the 17th Dec - Midnight (i.e end of the day) your time, as agreed in the comments of the last post.

This is so I have time to upload and link through the images to the fics to go live by the end of the 18th.

The original deadline for artist submissions was the 12th, so this extension is in line with the extension given to the authors.

This is the last chance I have to focus on this until after Christmas because of family commitments.
08 December 2009 @ 10:22 pm
Artists deadline is the 16th Dec to give us a chance to upload everything before the 18th go live.
Please let us know if you cannot make this.

Please see next entry.
01 December 2009 @ 11:14 am
Because we had enough artists to offer art to all stories, including section 1 and 2, all stories will now go live on the 18th, to give the artists time to finish their work.

Authors and artists may link to their work as soon as it goes live, but we ask that it not be reposted for one month after that.
20 November 2009 @ 03:55 pm
Dear Artists, I have emailed you all today.
If you did not receive the emails asking for you list of story choices in order, please comment here.

I used the emails you gave in your sign up, so if that has changed it is possible you may not have seen the email.


This is who I think are our artists, please correct me if I am wrong:
pseudoblu (checked in)
houseofmissr (checked in)
sarahsan (checked in)

I need to know how many artist we have asap, so that I know how to go about assigning things.

Please contact me as soon as possible. If you are no longer taking part and have told me, I apologise, I have lost the information, please tell me again.
17 November 2009 @ 12:00 pm
OKay, we've only had three submissions for section 1 & 2; according to my list there should have been at least 7, if not 8. Are we going to be getting any more?

This is your last chance to speak up and wave your hand.

Please comment here and let me know if
a) you have submitted (just in case gmail lost it for some reason)
b) you will submit soon
c) you are not going to submit
17 November 2009 @ 07:44 am
Section 3 author's don't forget to read and reply to this post:

Section 3 first drafts are now due Thursday 19th Nov (due to certain work commitments which make this weekend a real pain in the rear [it looks like I'm going to be working until around 10pm today and I started at 7 am]). Artists will be given their assignments on Friday.

All other deadlines for section 3, including art will also be put back accordingly.

To speed up the artist to author matches, section 3 authors will you please respond here (before Thursday) with the following information:

1) The Title of your fic
2) A sample paragraphs or two from your favourite bits
3) A summary to sell it to your artist - this is not the same as the summary you would put up when posting, but more of a sell it to someone type of thing, with more detail in it.

Thanks. Sorry for the sudden changes.